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Celebrating Worldwide Ladies’s Day with Shakti Goddess Power! – Kati Kaia

When divine intelligence spins a universe out of itself, a lot the way in which a human thoughts creates a dream or a fantasy by itself display and manifests into kind, that is inventive life drive vitality! Yogic seers expertise this vitality not merely as vibration however because the expression of the divine female energy, known as Shakti.  

The observe of tuning into energies of the Goddesses is a type of sacred feminism to be practiced and revered, this steadiness of vitality is important to all life… We have to rebalance this actuality in society and elevate and elevate the ability of the female, this 12 months’s theme for IWD 2024 is to #InspireInclusion. 

Worldwide Womens Day #inspireinclusion marketing campaign 

To raise our sisters, embrace our female nature, female traits of caring, kindness, nurture, communication, sharing help and extra steadiness in ourselves and our realities. #celebrateshakti


As a feminine founder, I’ve been on a journey of discovery, enterprise actually is a masculine dominated area, a lot of the companies within the shared workplace area are male based with male employees, the qualities of the masculine are celebrated. Working my manner up by means of the fast-paced trend business it was very a lot the identical story, pushing down these female qualities to be revered and seen by others particularly the boss. Even with empowered feminine bosses on the helm, being aggressive was inspired, ‘We’re Sort A individuals right here Kati’ my boss would typically say… and I’d suppose to myself ‘My expensive god, who’re these individuals...’

The tougher traits that include a Sort A persona definition embrace:

  • Continual competitiveness
  • Impatience
  • Aggression
  • Hostility 

I used to be not a sort A persona, maybe I had slightly of A, however principally B. I learnt fairly shortly that having a lot of 1 persona combine in a irritating atmosphere was a recipe for catastrophe and I actually did battle to work round lots of A’s all competitively out-pacing and stressing one another to impress… hiding thread and color books from one another, hiding samples, slamming doorways in arguments, I imply the Satan wears Prada is true – I’d watch an assistant be torn aside and fall into tears for selecting the incorrect color and would suppose to myself, Jeez – these individuals are mad! 


As a baby, I simply needed to climb issues and was very adventurous, my mum says I’d be ‘exploring’ bamboo scaffolding on buildings or climbing on the rocks to look in rockpools or bushes on the seaside. Curious about something apart from being female. 


Having been a proper tomboy as a baby, I had achieved my utmost to bury the female, my mum sending me to bop lessons as I refused to put on clothes or do something girlie… I simply needed to be one of many boys! After all faculty modifications issues and I used to be quickly in these clothes, compelled into tutus and loving a prance round, expressing myself by means of dance. I’m sharing this as a result of I would like you to know how odd it feels for me to be working with the concepts of “female vitality”. It’s such an alien idea — fascinating, however what does it actually imply?

I discovered the extra I buried the female elements of persona – the extra stressed and sad I turned. It’s a part of everyones soul, no gender required. It actually was embracing my very own Shakti vitality later in life, after I had buried sure persona traits sufficient to outlive life, however possibly not joyfully. By reconnecting with my soul, by means of my innate creativity inside, artwork and channeling the female a part of me, Yoga, utilizing my energy to speak feelings, elevate and elevate others is near my coronary heart.

I additionally realised just a few issues on that journey, in my large time of reflection, one in every of them just isn’t everyone seems to be made to ‘match’ inside a sq. peg and that’s OK. We’re not all Sort A’s and that’s OK. My mind may suppose and work slightly in a different way and that’s OK. But in addition, It’s OK to be feminine, it’s OK to embrace your female qualities and have fun them, to make use of the ability of the female in your being to uplift and elevate others. The female owns and garners as a lot energy because the masculine, it’d really feel a quieter vitality, it’d really feel like one thing you’ve gotten buried to get forward at work, in your loved ones dynamics, however re-learning to embrace the female or your private female energies, which might be an unbelievable journey and in that you just may simply fall in love with that aspect of your psyche. 

You might discover portray and switching off the vital thoughts, unbelievable liberating on your vitality, and simply studying to let go and free your self with water colors and pens. This is usually a nice area to begin, to only sit in quiet or together with your favorite music and watercolours to color, you possibly can paint a panorama, a spot in your thoughts, your reminiscences, a leaf or flower that captures your eye. Circulate freely. 


Erytheia Authentic Paintings, female Shakti and heart-centred color work with oil on canvas and palette knife use to carve out mark-making and expressionist flows.  


We’re, in our essence all fabricated from Shakti. The female powers of consciousness, ecstasy, will, understanding, and performing are consistently at play each in ourselves and the world.

This week it’s the female on earth we have fun, from Mom’s Day channelling Shakti vitality to elevating the mom, the goddess and people cycles, to Worldwide Ladies’s Day, a day to mirror on girls’s rights world wide proper now and the way we are able to embrace sisterhood in our personal smaller worlds, we have to encourage the female and have fun it, inside ourselves and inside our communities. 


Shakti Yoga

Yoga and meditation might be an effective way to plug into these female energies caught inside, Shakti yoga is a singular type of yoga that emphasises easy move between poses to embrace the divine vitality residing in every of us.

Within the context of yoga, Shakti is seen because the lively, expressive side of consciousness, whereas Shiva represents the passive, pure consciousness.

Practising Shakti yoga includes tapping into this primordial vitality to awaken and empower oneself bodily, mentally, and spiritually. Listed here are some inspirations and meanings behind Shakti yoga observe:

  1. Connection to Divine Female: Shakti yoga honors and celebrates the divine female vitality inside every particular person. It encourages practitioners to embrace qualities reminiscent of instinct, nurturing, creativity, and receptivity.

  2. Balancing Power: Shakti yoga goals to steadiness the masculine and female energies inside the physique and thoughts. By doing so, practitioners can obtain a state of concord and wholeness, selling general well-being.

  3. Awakening Kundalini: Kundalini is usually depicted as a coiled serpent on the base of the backbone. By Shakti yoga practices reminiscent of asana (bodily postures), pranayama (breathwork), mantra chanting, and meditation, practitioners purpose to awaken and lift the Kundalini vitality from the bottom of the backbone up by means of the chakras, resulting in religious awakening and enlightenment.

  4. Creativity and Transformation: Shakti yoga fosters creativity and transformation on each the private and collective ranges. By connecting with the inventive drive of Shakti, practitioners can unlock their innate potential and manifest their wishes in alignment with their highest goal.

  5. Empowerment and Liberation: Shakti yoga empowers people to reclaim their private energy and liberate themselves from limiting beliefs, fears, and conditioning. By practices that domesticate self-awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance, practitioners can break away from the constraints of the ego and expertise true freedom.

  6. Union of Shiva and Shakti: Shakti yoga emphasizes the union of Shiva (pure consciousness) and Shakti (inventive vitality) inside oneself. This union represents the combination of the transcendent and immanent elements of actuality, resulting in a profound sense of oneness with the universe.

In abstract, Shakti yoga is a transformative religious observe that honours the divine female vitality and empowers people to awaken their inside potential, obtain steadiness and concord, and expertise union with the divine. By devoted observe and devotion, practitioners can faucet into the limitless energy of Shakti to dwell a lifetime of goal, pleasure, and fulfilment.

Attempt including extra move and femininity into your expressive practices in the present day! And Encourage Inclusion in all of your communities and work of all persona varieties, all disabilities, learnings, and all genders.  

Is shakti yoga just for girls?

After all not! For the reason that time period Shakti refers back to the female vitality, and in Hindu mythology, the divinity of the goddess, individuals typically connect a gender specification to shakti yoga. So let’s clear that confusion as soon as and for all. Shakti yoga isn’t just for ladies however for each genders. 

It’s a frequent mistake to confuse the female and masculine energies, with the female and masculine gender. However in actuality, each genders have each energies. And shakti yoga provides you the power to determine a balanced reference to each the energies, that make for a profitable being.

Shakti yoga will enable you to faucet into your female vitality and set up a acutely aware reference to it. This institution of the connection is way wanted for people who find themselves ruled principally by their masculine vitality. But in addition serves as a delicate reminder of either side of your personal psyche, and likewise to help your sisters, being at a drawback from start isn’t any straightforward feat to problem societal norms, to get forward, to make a distinction, feminine equality brings steadiness to the office, to our communities, our parliaments and politics, gone are the times of few paths for ladies, a secretary or instructor, homemaker or spouse.

These modifications solely occur if we begin to go searching our personal communities and encourage inclusion for all. When you work someplace with no girls current, ask why is that? No girls on the board, why? It’s time to stand collectively for equality and that actually begins at residence and inspiring younger girls. 




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