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Rad 150 vs Rad 140: Which is the Higher SARM?

Disclaimer: SARMs are solely for use for analysis functions, as they’re non-FDA-approved compounds and thus could trigger hostile results. If in case you have any questions or issues, Dr. Touliatos is at present obtainable for session.

SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) have gotten more and more well-liked within the bodybuilding world, with them being straightforward to supply because of their authorized nature (when used for experimental functions).

SARMs are designed to mitigate the unintended effects of anabolic steroids through tissue selectivity, which entails particularly focusing on the androgen receptors. Thus, its goal is to merely stimulate receptors that promote anabolism somewhat than ones that can trigger unintended effects.

SARMs finally promise the identical advantages as anabolic steroids, together with elevated muscle mass, energy, fats loss, and endurance, albeit with much less efficiency.

What’s RAD 140?

RAD 140 (Testolone) is the most well-liked of the SARM household, producing important good points with out extreme unintended effects. RAD 140 is just like the equal of testosterone within the anabolic steroid world, with its reward-to-risk ratio being extra beneficial than different SARMs.

In our expertise, RAD 140 customers sometimes achieve as much as 10 kilos of lean muscle in a single cycle. This may occasionally not sound like a lot, however it might probably make a dramatic distinction visually, particularly when customers are concurrently burning fats.

We’ve got additionally seen customers add as much as 50 kilos on compound workout routines from their first RAD 140 cycle. Thus, it seems that RAD 140’s strength-enhancing properties surpass its anabolic ones.

What’s RAD 150?

RAD 150 (TLB-150) is a brand new esterified model of RAD 140, with a benzoate ester now being fashioned. This modification creates larger alkalinity, extending the SARM’s half-life and creating extra regular concentrations within the blood.

RAD 140 already has a half-life of 60 hours; thus, an elevated half-life signifies that RAD 150 will keep in a person’s system for even longer and thus could also be barely slower to take impact.

RAD 150 vs RAD 140: Our Outcomes

Our affected person’s lab outcomes present that RAD 150 doesn’t current the identical toxicity as RAD 140, being roughly 15% much less when it comes to ldl cholesterol alterations and liver enzymes.

Our SHBG exams point out endogenous testosterone suppression to be extra pronounced with RAD 150, by roughly 20–30%.

Thus, it’s extra essential to run an efficient PCT with RAD 150 to get well pure testosterone ranges.

This restoration course of could take a number of weeks longer for RAD 150 as a result of HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis) being extra affected.

RAD 150 customers underneath our care additionally report 10-15% extra muscle good points on common, in contrast to people who use RAD 140. Power good points are much more pronounced on RAD 150, being nearer to a 20% enhance.


SARM firms sometimes have RAD 150 dosed decrease than RAD 140 attributable to its further efficiency.

A typical cycle of RAD 150 is dosed at 10 mg/day for 8 weeks.

Nevertheless, customers will sometimes take RAD 140 at 15 mg/day for 8 weeks.


RAD 150 works out to be barely costlier per bottle.

Right here is how their costs examine (supply: sportstechnologylabs.com):

  • RAD 140: $64.99 (15 mg/ml) – 30 ml
  • RAD 150: $69.99 (10 mg/ml) – 30 ml


Anecdotally, we now have discovered that RAD 150 tastes significantly higher, which may be attributed to the addition of the brand new benzoate ester.

What the Analysis Says

RAD 140 Research


Analysis in monkeys demonstrated a 10% enhance in mass from a RAD 140 dosage of 0.1 mg/kg per day for 28 days (1). This could translate to 7.5 mg per day for a 75-kg man.

Apparently, dosages exceeding 0.1 mg/kg didn’t produce any additional will increase in mass.

Researchers additionally discovered that liver enzymes and prostate mass within the monkeys remained steady.

One other research on rats confirmed {that a} RAD 140 dose of three mg/kg per day produced the identical quantity of muscle good points vs. a 1 mg/kg dose of testosterone (2). This offers us some perception into why a excessive dose of RAD 140 could rival the muscle-building energy of anabolic steroids. Nevertheless, 3 mg/kg of RAD 140 per day in people ought to be thought-about a megadose, with unintended effects prone to be extreme.

There may be additionally proof that extreme dosages of RAD 140 may even trigger muscle atrophy, as rats prone to sarcopenia had the next mortality danger when taking 5mg per kg/day of RAD 140 (3).


Androgens have been proven to display neuroprotective qualities in analysis. We’ve got additionally seen the identical cognitive-enhancing results with RAD 140 in rats (4), giving nice promise for the therapy of dementia-related ailments. RAD 140 may ultimately be thought-about a extra optimum therapy vs. testosterone for such, because the latter causes prostatic hyperplasia.

RAD 150 Research

There’s a lack of medical analysis performed on RAD 150 presently, so it is extremely a lot an experimental SARM, albeit with promising early findings.


If RAD 150 is best than RAD 140, why is RAD 140 extra well-liked?

RAD 140’s reputation stems from it merely being round for longer. RAD 150 is a brand new SARM as compared, and thus its results aren’t identified by many individuals.

Is RAD 140 or RAD 150 protected?

There may be not sufficient medical analysis to recommend that RAD 140 or RAD 150 are protected. RAD 140 and RAD 150 are solely authorized for experimental functions, and thus human consumption is prohibited.

Our expertise suggests SARMs like RAD 140 replicate related anabolic results to anabolic steroids, however with milder unintended effects. Thus, there’s a case that SARMs are safer than anabolic steroids; nonetheless, extra information is required earlier than reaching such a conclusion.

Does RAD 140 or RAD 150 want a PCT?

RAD 140 and RAD 150 are each suppressive SARMs, and thus a PCT ought to be applied upon cycle cessation to speed up endogenous testosterone restoration.

In our expertise, SERMs comparable to Nolvadex and Clomid produce the very best ends in therapeutic the HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis).

With out taking a PCT, it might probably take a number of weeks for RAD 140 and RAD 150’s testosterone ranges to return to regular.

We’ve got discovered RAD 150 to be extra suppressive than RAD 140, probably requiring a few PCT medicines for swift restoration.

Do I must take liver help with RAD 140 or RAD 150?

It’s at all times a good suggestion to take TUDCA (tauroursodeoxycholic acid) when taking any potential hepatotoxic oral compound. This bile salt complement will decrease hepatic stress and stop ALT and AST ranges from rising excessively. We’ve got discovered 500 mg/day to be an efficient dose for customers taking SARMs.

RAD 150 vs RAD 140, Who Wins?

Rad 140 bottle

Primarily based on our early anecdotal labs, RAD 150 seems to be the higher SARM, with an improved reward-to-risk ratio.

Nevertheless, little or no analysis exists for RAD 150; thus, it stays an unknown substance (much more so than RAD 140).

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