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The Journey of Ra – Weblog

This sequence seems to be like your primary solar salutation. You aren’t saluting the Solar within the Journey of Ra, you’re Ra – on the Hero’s journey. The symbolic story of Ra, briefly, goes down into the underworld battling enemies of worry, ignorance and doubt and rising victoriously.


It is a type of Mountain pose utilized in Hatha known as Har which means ‘On excessive’ and Djed Asar which engages the backbone and core whereas palms of the arms are pressed along with the thumbs pushing up into the sternum.

This urgent of the arms collectively is a gesture that’s timeless and common. Usually known as a prayer pose. The becoming a member of collectively of the palms brings collectively the connection  between the fitting and left hemispheres of the mind and represents Smai unification. It’s used as a posture of composure, of assembling to at least one’s coronary heart and the balancing of masculine and female energies, working  with the polarities of the physique.

Taui carry us into the ability of our hearts centre (stimulating love and compassion) the place sacred  transformation can happen.

To Do it

Slowly draw your arms collectively on the coronary heart centre as if to collect your entire energies into the second. Relaxation thumbs in opposition to the sternum and fingers reaching upwards. The arms are pressed collectively firmly and evenly, lengthen your backbone upwards like a flower stem and drop the chin barely in an effort to carry the backbone into alignment. Taui promotes respect for oneself and others.

It’s thought-about a pure treatment for stress and anxiousness and is beneficial for coming into right into a meditative state.

Goal Areas: Chest. Shoulders. Higher Again. Triceps.

AMENTA – Standing again bend

For strengthening the core and backbone, enhancing vitality and vitality within the morning. Very helpful for lifting the backbone within the morning after an evening of sleep the place the backbone turns into shortened. Nice for spinal well being and help within the alleviation of backache. Prompts the core and helpful for entry into all types of exercises.

How one can: 

Standing in Har- which means on excessive in Hatha that is known as mountain posture.

Press the palms collectively and carry the arms up arms absolutely prolonged and create a bowl with the arms.

Lean again right into a again bend preserving the arms over the ears. Maintain the core engaged and the toes sq. and firmly on the bottom whereas the hips stay over the ankles.

Bend solely so far as you’re comfy minimise the arch and compression within the decrease.

Give attention to the fingers that symbolises the petals of the lotus.

Maintain the posture 3-9 breaths.

Goal Areas: Backbone. Core. Shoulders. Intercostal muscular tissues

Travelling the sky

Works the shoulders, tones the triceps and creates focus and steadiness.

How one can:

This isn’t a posture however a weeping motion that’s performed slowly and with precision.

From Amenta sweep the arms ahead and create a upward triangle with the arms.

Lengthen the arms and hold the elbows locked. Interact the trapezius muscular tissues/shoulder blades and really feel them open because the arms roll in direction of the ground and also you hinge on the waist bringing your arms down in direction of the ground, resting beside your toes or in your shins.

Goal Areas: Shoulders. Hips. Hamstrings

Standing Sky –  Hatha Uttanasana or ahead bend/fold.

Standing Sky additionally known as Standing Nut in Afrikan Yoga is a dynamic stretch awakening the hamstrings and different muscular tissues in the back of the legs.

These muscular tissues get explicit tight via sitting at a desk for lengthy intervals of time, driving for hours, taking part in soccer, boxing, operating and biking. They’ll want your consideration each day as it will ease again ache, cut back sciatica kind signs and enhance your general spinal well being.

Standing Sky/Nut. Prevents accidents within the hips and Improves legs flexibility and subsequently mobility, relieves stress within the backbone and neck. Calms the thoughts and nervous system and is definitely nurturing.

Most fear about with the ability to contact the ground with their arms nevertheless the main focus is participating the right muscular tissues equivalent to those at the front and back of the legs and the entrance of the physique such because the abdominals.

Give attention to lengthening via the backbone and goal to really make the backbone flat whereas lengthening within the glutes making the buttocks tall lifting in direction of the sky.

Nice as a pre-warm up for meditation or any sporting exercise and after a exercise or meditation.

Discover this stretch too strenuous or unable to carry the arms in direction of the ground bend your knees barely, it’s also possible to use a standing block or ebook to lean ahead on.

How one can: 

From Amenta or Har lean ahead.

Deep breath in hinging on the hips, fold or bend your entire torso over the thighs, lean barely ahead on to the toes but hold the toes flight and squarely on the bottom. Convey the hips over the ankles, carry the top in direction of the knees or let the top cling, whereas lengthening via the again of the legs. Activate the quadriceps thigh muscular tissues barely pull the knees up but relaxed and goal to pin them backwards.

Utilise your core to contract into the legs, goal to make the backbone lengthy. Bend the knees solely when completely crucial.

Goal Areas: Higher again. Decrease again. Hamstrings

Khonsu Crescent Moon – Deep low lunge – Hatha Anjeneyasana

The thought is to make a crescent moon form with the physique, the posture improves hip mobility and power whereas relieving the tightness in hips and thighs. Strengthens each the back and front of the legs. Do that posture recurrently and day by day of you sit at a desk or drive for lengthy intervals. That is additionally nice for the cyclists and runners.

How one can:

Go right into a ahead bend barely bend the knees and carry the left leg and convey the foot again and onto the ground. Push the heel again to the horizon whereas lengthening the leg backwards. In Hatha the foot rests whereas the only real ii upwards. Permit the left hip to drop. Stack the fitting shin over the ankle and hold the fitting leg to a 90 levels angle. This can cut back of knee harm. Press the fitting heel into the ground participating the muscular tissues in the back of the legs. Elevate the torso lengthening via the arms and bend barely backwards elevating the chin. Activate the core whereas drawing the navel in direction of the backbone.

Goal Areas: Legs. Hips. Core. Wrists

Nut The Sky- Hatha Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Going through Canine.

One of the generally recognised and used posture in yoga is a full physique stretch and strengthening posture.

Stretching the hamstrings and calves and backbone whereas opening the chest and shoulders. It really a favorite for males. As many male athletes be taught and revel in doing this posture for its quite a few advantages.

Growing shoulder power, hamstring mobility, works the ankles and relieves stress.

Stimulates the cardiovascular and lymphatic system.

How one can: 

Begin out of your arms and knees after which elevate the knees of the bottom. Place your toes again and behind the arms. Elevate the hip up and again whereas aiming to press the heels right down to the bottom at first attributable to your degree of flexibility you might discover this tough, okay to bend the knees so long as you press the heels into the ground whereas aiming to straighten the legs. Roll the shoulder blades in direction of one another and rotate the biceps inwards whereas dipping the chest in direction of the ground. Drop the top to take stress away from the neck or you possibly can curl the top and stare upon your navel. Create a pyramid form with the physique and ensure your again will not be rounded.

Goal Areas: Shoulders. Higher again . Hamstrings. Hips. Wrist. Forearms

Wadjet Cobra

There’s a slight distinction to Afrikan cobra the place the thighs are decrease and even resting on the ground.

It’s not an upward going through canine.

This highly effective posture strengthens the again activating all of the muscular tissues and improves spinal well being.

Improves posture opens the chest and stretches the abdominals and hip flexors.

A stand-alone pose that may enormously enhance the again flexibility.

How one can: 

Begin mendacity in your abdomen (Inclined place)

Place the arms near the chest and have your shoulders over the wrists. Convey your shoulders blades again and roll them downwards as you open your chest. You wish to have your neck prolonged and never tuck into the shoulders. Squeeze the glutes barely and roll the elbows inward and nearer to the physique. Elevate the chin and focus in between the eyebrows.

3-9 deep breaths

Goal Areas: Again. Shoulders. Wrists. Forearms. Core

Heru Rising – plank Hatha Kumbhakasana

A quintessential posture for offering core energy and power.

Enhances and will increase testosterone ranges, warmth and vitality. Aids in constructing stamina and endurance each bodily and mentally. Develops the right posture and improves the prostate.

Heru Rising is the trail to arm balancing workouts and more difficult  postures the requires core power. This one is for all the soldiers to develop their focus focus and presence. Additionally it is celebration of victory rising out of disappointment, worry and doubt.

How one can;

Begin on all fours and carry the knees of the mat. Permit your shoulders to be evenly stacked over your wrists. Straighten the arms. Elevate the pelvis barely and interact the core whereas the navel pulls again in direction of the backbone. Push the knees up and heels again in direction of the horizon, whereas lifting the top barely preserving the neck impartial whereas gazing on the horizon. Maintain pushing the ground away from you. Unfold the fingers to stabilize the physique. Keep away from the pelvis sagging and preserve the thighs and core  muscular tissues engaged.

3-9 deep breaths

Goal Areas: Arms. Core. Chest. Shoulders. Legs.

Please view the youtube video –

Afrikan Yoga – What’s the distinction.


The Journey of Ra



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